Portrait Location: Crow Mountain Waterfall

A few years ago, we learned about 20 acres that were bordered by a lovely creek and a substantial waterfall.  At the time, the land was more than we could afford, but I never quite but the idea of photographing at this lovely fall out of my head.  Fast-forward a couple of years, and we ended up purchasing the land and halfing the property with my sister and brother-in-law.  We’ve since built houses beside each other, and our children enjoy running around the 20 acres and growing up more like brother and sisters than like cousins.  Sometimes we jokingly call ourselves a real-life “Everybody Loves Raymond” family, because you never know when we are going to pop over at each other house!!  It’s a ton of fun 🙂

During the spring, late fall, and winter months, the waterfall is typically flowing beautifully and makes for gorgeous pictures.  During the summer through mid-fall seasons, it’s typically too dry to shoot.

If your session hits during the waterfall months, here are some examples of what we can get…. (the waterfall fluctuates dramatically, based on rainfall, so all of these images feature different amounts of flow…..but really any amount of flow is pretty, and in some cases, a little bit less flow is almost prettier!)


Near the waterfall, which is the land and area around our house, are some other pretty spots for pictures.  It’s possible to go to another location after shooting the waterfall, such as into Pottsville or Russellville, but I don’t really advise it, because so much of your shoot time will be wasted traveling!


Forests around the waterfall area…


The creek near the falls…


A dressed up swing is always fun!


This is my husband’s “hunting” stand….aka our bohemian tree house!!  I love shooting up here!

There is a field of the fluffy yellow grass, that is always a great place to stop for a few shots!


And we have 2 hammocks that we alternate using…..

There is also a park in our neighborhood with a pond, which is a good way to get a few more settings in, without wasting a lot of travel time!

And another nearby setting, (just about 0.5 miles away) is this amazing tree!!

We are building a small barn/shed that will add a few more dimensions to our land soon!!  The waterfall is not an option during late June-September, in most cases.  It usually starts to run again steadily in October and November, but March-May is when the waterfall really looks the most beautiful!





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