Portrait Location: Old Mill in North Little Rock

The Old Mill in North Little Rock is an undeniably beautiful spot for SR pics!  I visit the Old Mill about 2 -3 x each year, usually in the summer when my kids are in ball camps in the area, and in the fall, I try to take at least one trip to Little Rock for a couple of shoots, for the sake of variety and creativity!  If you get one of my scheduled shoots, you won’t pay any extra travel fees for this location, but once the scheduled trips are booked up, then an additional travel fee will apply to cover time and travel expenses! The Old Mill is gorgeous, particularly on a bright, sunny day.  It’s one of those locations that has odd lighting (at least in my experience) and I do not like to shoot here near the end of the day, as the light gets too dark for my taste.  My favorite pictures at the Old Mill are either taken in the am (9:30ish) range, or in the early afternoon (starting around 1:30 pm is ideal)  

This is one shot of the Old Mill is late fall…still beautiful, but with a very different overall color scheme…trending away from the greens into more golden and orange tones!



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