Portrait Location: Potts Inn Museum

Located in Pottsville, Arkansas, is a lovely white antebellum structure built in the 1850’s, the Potts Inn Museum. ┬áThe inside of the museum is off-limits to photography, but the porches, barns, and surrounds areas make a beautiful spot for portraits!

At different times of year, there are almost always a few flowers in bloom around the inn……


Across from the Potts Inn are a few “slightly” urban style areas in the downtown Pottsville area, mainly a few exposed brick walls. ┬áThere are ample fields nearby, as well as train tracks, which offer a couple of extra location options for the Potts Inn area!


This field is just a few hundred yards up the road from the Potts Inn….

And this is an example of the little bit of urban/texture you can find in the tiny downtown Pottsville area!



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