Waterfall Mini Sessions and Teen Model Shoots

This week was all about the waterfall!! It’s the time of year where everything is starting to be green and the falls are flowing from all the rain we have had! It’s been so much fun to hike down to the falls and shoot these fun mini session and teen model sessions over the last couple of weeks. I have another round of 10 or so waterfall shoots to do, but I wanted to break them up so the blog post wouldn’t be soooo long!!


The first shoot was a group of 5 Pottsville Seniors who booked back-to-back mini sessions so we could shoot waterfall and a few graduation pictures for a best friends shoot!  It was SO much fun to shoot these five, they were a hoot!

Baileigh came up from Dallas to shoot a waterfall mini session and some graduation pictures to finish off her senior portrait collection!  Loved shooting this MMP senior model so much this year, and I am so sad to be through with her shoots!


Abby is a 2019 Senior model who booked early fall SR pics, but also wanted some waterfall shots, so she booked a waterfall mini sessions this spring!  I always love shooting Abby…..  🙂

And these rest of these lovelies are part of our teen model shoots….







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