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Potrait Locations: Downtown Little Rock

Downtown Little Rock has an abundance of cool areas for photos, and because it’s a little outside of the Russellville area, shooting here is one way to get something a little different than what everyone else will end up with for senior pictures!!  The only problem with downtown Little Rock is there are so many […]


March 16, 2017

Portrait Locations: Russellville Area

Russellville has an abundance of beautiful areas for portraits, from urban textures and alleyways, to natural parks and lakes.  We can usually get to anywhere from 2-5 spots shoot during a typical 1.5-2.5 hour portrait session, if they are all in the Russellville vicinity.  Here are some examples of the many spots available in the […]


March 15, 2017

Portrait Locations: Choose your own setting…..

Some of the favorites sessions I have ever shot have been at private locations.  There are many beautiful homes and properties all around the Russellville area, so if you really want something different for your session, spend some time thinking about homes and land in your family, or of people you know who might not […]


March 14, 2017

Portrait Location: Gray Barn in Caglesville

Just 13 miles down Hwy 124 going out of Russellville is the land where I spent most of my youth, running around barefoot, climbing trees and exploring my grandma’s old barn.  The old barn is still standing, and my parents now live just a few hundered feet from the old structure where I played so […]


March 14, 2017

Portrait Location: AR River Beach and Dardanelle Areas

The first time I shot on the Arkansas River beach, which is just right over the bridge going into Dardanelle, I remember thinking “this is the closest thing the River Valley has to a real beach-look location!”  Maybe there are other beautiful “beachy” locations in AR (and if you know of a pretty one, I […]


March 10, 2017

Portrait Location: The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch

I will never forget the day I received my first email from Lesleigh Smith, owner of The Barn at Twin Oaks Ranch.  Lesleigh had gone to school with my husband, and she had spent around ten years coordinating and designing epic weddings in Dallas, Texas.  But, she wanted to move back home, to good old […]


March 8, 2017

Spring/Summer Mini Session Dates Announced



February 11, 2017

Teen Model Call – 3 Teen Models Needed

Welcome to the Melissa McCrotty Photography Model Call!  Please read the directions below and submit the MODEL FORM as explained below. Application Form Link I am in search of super outgoing teen model who LOVES being in front of the camera!  You will be compensated with FREE high resolution images! *No preview modeling experience is […]


January 27, 2017

Vaqueras: Pottsville XC Senior Girls Photoshoot

Well, this was a fun photoshoot!  Several months ago, Wes made a bargain with his XC girls for a photoshoot in exchange for a great season, and this was the realization of that deal.   We teamed up with Vaqueras, opening up in downtown Russellville later this month, and the shoot was just a ton […]


January 15, 2017

Kyla: 2018 Pottsville Senior

Kyla is one of my beautiful 2017 Senior models, but on the morning of our big Prom shoot, she woke up with two swollen, red eyes.  Unsure if she had pinkeye, she missed the shoot as a precaution to keep everyone else healthy (and we were all grateful, even though we missed her!!!)  She was […]


January 13, 2017